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Jill K Mabry, LMT, CST-T

CranioSacral Therapy for Inflammation and the Immune System

For the past 10 years as a CranioSacral Therapist I have noticed an increase of conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sinus Infections, and Digestive problems.  CranioSacral Therapy addresses all of these conditions to reduce inflammation, build the immune system and reducing stress.  I have found benefit in educating clients  on reducing inflammatory foods, taking supportive supplements and having the awareness to moving out of the survival brain to Live in Heart/Brain.

Conditions start with Inflammation?
Injury to tissue causes a response from the body to control the trauma and repair the tissue.  This response is called inflammation.   Inflammation occurs in two phases  - acute and chronic

Acute inflammation is the immediate response of the body to injury that only lasts a few days.  Signs of acute inflammation are redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of function. 

Chronic inflammation is when your body no longer has the ability to turn off the inflammatory response and it starts damaging healthy tissue in your body.  It could damage the intestinal lining in your gut and cause digestive problems, it could damage the arteries in your heart and cause heart disease, or it could damage your joints and cause rheumatoid arthritis.

Confusion in the Immune System?
The immune system is that aspect of the body whose function is to protect us from harm.  It consists of a network of roughly 10 billion loosely cooperating cells, all communicating with each other physically, energetically, and through chemical messengers.   There is enormous intelligence in the immune system and in general it does an amazing job of protecting us throughout our lifetime.   Occasionally, however, a problem can arise.  There can be confusion or miscommunication within the immune system, or it may simply require additional resources to do its job. 

Leaky Gut Syndrome starts with inflammation and disrupts the Immune System

Leaky gut is primarily an inflammation of the Small and Large Intestines.  It starts in the Small Intestine, which is semi-permeable allowing nutrients to enter the bloodstream.  But, when there is inflammation in the intestines the pores widen and food particles and toxins enter the blood stream.  The problem is that your immune system doesn't know how to decipher between the cells so it starts to attack healthy cells and bad cells.  This then begins the cycle of food allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Conditions that can signal Leaky Gut Syndrome:

Arthritis - Allergies - Depression - Eczema - Hives - Psoriasis - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Fibromyalgia - IBS - Colitis

CranioSacral Therapy addresses Inflammation and the Immune System

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on whole body method of releasing restrictions to assist the body to self-correction.  CranioSacral Therapy helps reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.  CST strengthens the body's natural healing process to bolster resistance to disease and improve overall health.  Because CST addresses ALL SYSTEMS in the body it is effective in a wide range of medical challenges associated with pain and dysfunction.

Conditions beneficial with CranioSacral Therapy:

Arthritis - Allergies - Depression - Eczema - Hives - Psoriasis - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Fibromyalgia - IBS - Colitis